Cowboys In Paradise Movie Trailer Film Sinopsis Video Download

Cowboys In Paradise Movie Trailer Film Sinopsis Video DownloadCowboys In Paradise is an independent documentary movie, this is truely what happened in beautiful island called Bali and describe gigolo love lifestyle on Kuta beach, I thing everybody in worlds know this island of heaven, right? hehe. Cowboys In Paradise directed by Amit Virmani and he currently based in Singapore and according to news Amit considered as a wanted man for a police related to this documentary movie.

Heres some Cowboys In Paradise Movie Synopsis, Sinopsis Film Cowboys In Paradise.

Each year, thousands of women travel to Bali in search of paradise. And many find it in the arms of Kuta Cowboys. Masters at peddling holiday romance, these bronzed beach ambassadors have made Bali one of the worldâ??s leading destinations for female sex tourists.

Cowboys In Paradise is an independent feature documentary that gets between the sheets of Baliâ??s male sex trade. Using a series of startling, and often hilarious confessions, the film reveals some of the islandâ??s most closely-guarded secrets. Why donâ??t the boys charge for sex? How then do women compensate them? Where do time management skills fit into all this? And how does a Cowboyâ??s family feel about his errant ways?

The film also charts the typical trajectory of a Cowboyâ??s life, from entry into beach life to his reign at the top of the tourist-industry chain, before following his heartbreaking descent into obsolescence. By the end, the myth of paradise is shattered and the viewer is presented with a more realistic proposition: Paradise is always elsewhere.


Cowboys In Paradise Movie Trailer and you can Download easily from YouTube.

There is alot of controvercial things around cyber media related to this Cowboys In Paradise Movie but now I will not discuss about pro and contradiction about this documentary movie with main title Cowboys In Paradise.

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  1. tehokky says:

    go go go…. cowboys in paradise :)

  2. I’ve never watched this video before. But when I watch this movie trailer, I am sure that I’ve got an inspiration for tonight

  3. matt khay says:

    Help me. My comments fall into the trap of aksimet

  4. @tehokky hatur nuhun :D

    @khairuddin syach lahat sure you’ll got some inspiration from this cowboys matt :lol:

    @matt khay already digg matt, I save your soul from akismet traped wxixixixi

  5. mussoli says:

    hopefully a lot of other place at indonesian besides Bali which becomes for place film making, that wisata’s object indonesian gets wind

  6. aiemar says:

    wah,,gmna neh downlodnya????pengen nonton dulu neh

  7. ronald bino says:

    places request movie cowboys paradise

  8. bong says:

    cowboys in paradise tersebar seluruh dunia…. memalukan bali. kenapa ngak bawa buloh runcing….

  9. ewin deologe says:

    gimana cara download film cowboys in paradise biar bisa di tonton full
    toolong dunk….

    how the way to download this film COWBOYS IN PARADISE ,I would like to see clear…..ty my friends

  10. Attox says:

    Sulit amat yawww . . . Download Cowboys In Paradise. Indonesia emang banyak ragam budaya. tapi kalo yang nggak2 nyampe keterlaluan di depan publik . . . wahhhh bisa rusak moralitas bangsa ini.

  11. Attox says:

    Coba klik di you tube aj dech… agar sewruuuu….