D’Lite, Cable TV and Internet Combination From First Media

D'Lite, Cable TV and Internet Combination From First MediaIf view time ago Lintasarta plan to build up 120 wimax points in 2010, now perhaps it’s lil bit same things with First Media with their broadband internet access. An efforts to hook customers continue to be done by the service provider’s broadband communication network (broadband) PT First Media. The company launched its latest flagship package, D’Lite which offers high-speed Internet service and cable TV with an affordable price.  “This package enables customers to enjoy the First Media broadband internet access with speeds of 512 Kbps in fact, while enjoying a complete cable television service with attractive price,” says Product Development and Marketing at First Media Dedy Handoko to a number of journalists in Citra Graha Building, Kuningan Jakarta, Friday April, 16th 2010.

It is said Dedy, until recently the number of internet subscribers and First Media cable TV reaches approximately 270 thousand. Customers are more dominated by Internet customers in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi.  “For us Bogor and Depok still expanding,” said Dedy.

With D’Lite package of Internet users who subscribe get a free subscription First Media cable TV. First Media offers a package of D’Lite, which consists of 512 Kbps Fast Net worth Rp195 thousand worth Rp60.000 Family Home Cable, 30,000 rental decoder, and Home Cable Ultimate for 3 months starting from April 2010 until June 2010.

The total cost of the four service if computed reach Rp585 thousand, but during the promotion, new customers of First Media will only cost of Rp225 thousand per month. “This promotional package is expected to further facilitate the public to get a quality Internet access and cable TV for the entire family,” said Dedy.  Previously, First Media has also been offering a similar package, namely the Internet and Home Cable Combo since the year 2009. “With the package of new subscriber growth reaches 5000’s per month,” said Dedy.

In addition, some time ago First Media also launched an internet service that FastNet speed reaches 10 Mbps. This feature allows subscribers to watch high resolution video streaming without barriers, doing games online games also download music and photos in an instant.  It is said Dedy, this technology makes the access speed Internet networks no longer have a limit, so that users can take advantage of internet technology through a variety of server equipment, information, data, audio and video.

source news: okezone.com image: images.google.co.id

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