Koreana Kuta Bali Movie

Guess what? again and again controvercial things spread to the cyber world, actualy not only in the cyber world this new film bokep fenomenon was shocked Bali. Some of couple a days ago Bali shocked with one of fenomenon documentary movie called cowboys in paradise, I bet you’re still remember this Amit Virmani movie.

Now, according to some bird news there is a bokep movie called Koreana Kuta that makes Bali people angry just because this movie use Bali as a background, make sense why Bali people angry with this.

Koreana Kuta Video has 22 minutes length durration, according to news this video showing some ehem bokep things, you know lah In the early minutes of the video, the cameraman who was also an actor in the film’s atmosphere of Kuta Beach to take pictures using a video camera. The middle of thousands of tourists looked on vacation and when it was in progress a surfing championship.

After that, came the figure of actor-faced woman of Indonesia. The woman was cool to drink beer by the beach as she laughed heartily. Even the woman had bought a meatball on street vendors in the area of Kuta Beach.

After the scene at the beach is over, the title appears before the entry into scenes Koreana Kuta bugil-bugilan things. In a scene worthy of these sensors, the main star to perform oral female Caucasian man who continues to record images on a hotel balcony in Kuta Beach Road. After doing “his duty”, the woman says, “Welcome to Heaven,” and the camera is directed to the Kuta Beach street.

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