Noah’s Ark Found in Turkey

noah s ark found in turkey, perahu nabi nuh, perahu nabi nuh ditemukan di turki, perahu nabi nuh foto videoNoah‘s Ark Found in Turkey – Humm perhaps this main themes for today trends lil bit same with deadly honeymoon, I mean same story about sheep but in different angel Noah’s Ark saga about a shipwreck around 4800 years ago sticking to the surface again lately. After a group of researchers from China and Turkey joined in ‘Noah’s Ark Ministries International’ for many years doing research, the remnants of these legendary boats.

And announce the results of research that they found Noah’s boat in Turkey. They claim to find the remains of Noah’s boat was at an altitude of 4000 meters on Mount Agri or Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey. Interestingly because there are several versions that tell where the position of Noah’s Ark is located. Even different explanations in the scriptures.

Noah's Ark Found in TurkeyCornuke and his team of archeologists say that is alleged to have found Noah’s Ark in Iran. The location is not suitable as described in one of the holy book. (In the one holy book explained that the ship aground on Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey).

Well if the researchers recently announced the remains of Noah’s boat on Mount Ararat or Mount Agri, it does not seem much different from the explanation in one of these scriptures.

We’re still waiting for certainty whether the remains of the boat that Noah’s Ark was estimated having 7546 feet wide by 500 feet long, 83 feet wide and 50 feet high and there are still three more levels above him. (As he imagined how big and wide vessel )

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