Susno Duadji Will Breaking Rp250 Trillion Tax Scandal

Susno Duadji Will Breaking Rp250 Trillion Tax ScandalFormer Kabareskrim Komjen Susno Duadji preparing publish his second book, after book Bukan Testimoni Susno sold about 30,000 copies. Izharry Agusjaya Moenzir, author of Bukan Testimoni Susno, say, the case of Gayus Tambunan only a small case, because there are even greater. According to him, a larger case that’s not only worth billions but trillions of rupiah. And, that’s what will be the second book Susno materials.

According Izharry, she initially thought that big case like Susno is revealed by the tax case worth Rp 3.6 trillion, there are more cases of other taxes amounting to Rp 250 trillion.

“The second book, the material has been collected and are currently waiting for the right momentum,” said Izharry Agusjaya Moenzi while peeling Bukan Testimoni Susno at Gramedia Bookstore BCS Mall, Batam, on Saturday May, 8th 2010. Batam became the sixth city to surgical book.

Now, Izharry claimed to have to get some data based on information Susno Duadji. The data is ready for publication as a book second. Some material for the book had been written in the notebook.

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