Profile Tina Talisa Mojang Bandung Beautiful Euy!

Profile Tina Talisa Mojang Bandung Beautiful EuyProfile Tina Talisa Mojang Bandung Beautiful Euy! – Well today I just wanna lil bit write about some profile according to wikipedia, actualy Im not going to discuss about foto bugil tina talisa anymore just because in fact shes one almamater with me and now I will lil bit write about profile Tina Talisa Mojang Bandung, thats it folks Tina Talisa was born in Bandung, West Java, December 24, 1979, age 30 years was an emcee Indonesian nationals. Previously he had worked as a dentist and a graduate of Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University, Bandung in 2001.

She was also a former Miss Indonesia 2003 finalist, winner of first ancestors of West Java in 2003, and won first ancestors of Bandung in 2002, is a career as a newcaster, originated from his interest in the world while working in Radio Broadcasting and Radio Mustika Paramuda.

Tina Talisa is always present every afternoon in the Evening Reporting, in Trans TV news program. In June 2007, moved to Lativi that since the year 2008 was turned into a TV station with a focus on news and sports with a TVONE as assistant producer and news presenter. Now, he is the host of the program What are regular evening news broadcast Indonesia at Wisma Nusantara, Hotel Indonesia Roundabout area. Tina Talisa now lectures in the Masters Program in Communication Studies at the Faculty of Communication University of Padjadjaran, Bandung.

Tina Talisa is a VAT-law of the Minister / Head of Bappenas Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu jilid I, Paskah Suzetta.

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